8:00-8:15 Introductions

8:15-9:30 Presentation: "I Didn't Know I Could Do That With a Cell Phone"

9:30-10:50 Phonecasting- iPadio
  • Activity: Setup an iPadio account with your cellphone and record your first phonecast. Share an interesting story.
  • Discussion: How might a teacher use a tool like this in their classroom?

10:15-10:30 Break

10:30-10:45 QR Codes - The QR Code Maker
  • Discussion: Brainstorm creative uses for QR codes in your school/classroom.
  • Activity: Practice scanning some QR codes then practice making your own.

10:45-11:00 Polling -PollEverywhere & Flisti

  • Discussion: How can technology aid in formative assessment?
  • Activity: Take an "end of session" poll question.
  • Activity: Make your own poll question.

11:00-11:15 SMS - GroupMe
  • Discussion: What uses would a teacher or administrator have for a mass text messaging tool like this?
  • Activity: Setup a GroupMe account and play with the setup and features.

11:15-11:30 Group Discussion/Closing